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P&G unveils Quiet & Roar personal care brand at Target

Quiet & Roar is targeted toward Gen Z with a focus on essential oil-based body washes, lotions and scrubs.

A new line of body care products from Procter & Gamble is offering essential oil-based products with a focus on eliminating potentially harmful ingredients. Quiet & Roar is the latest launch from the Cincinnati-based company, targeted toward Gen Z and launching exclusively at Target. 

Citing recent numbers from the American Psychological Association showing that 91% of Gen Z suffers from anxiety, P&G said Quiet & Roar is designed to offer a chance for relaxation as these shoppers look for proactive wellness solutions. 

“We believe when you have the mental space to be the best version of yourself, you can give your best to the world and that all starts with how you take care of your body,” said Isabel Pimentel personal care brand vice president at P&G. “Creating mental space requires freeing our minds from the noise of everyday stressors and shifting our energy to soothe our soul. At Quiet & Roar, we are committed to creating products that engage your senses to help ease your mind while caring for your body.”

The lineup of products includes body washes, lotions and scrubs meant to engage the senses in the following varieties:

  • Relax features a blend of lavender and spirulina;
  • Renew features lemon blossm and mint
  • Awaken features peach and green tea;
  • Soothe features coconut and banana milk; and 
  • Revive feature pineapple and kiwiberry. 

All of the products retail for $8.99 at Target and on 

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