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J&J showcases new diabetes approach


The front-end opportunity surrounding patients with diabetes is significant. Diabetes patients are spending between $1,000 and $2,500 each year on diabetes supplies alone, noted Sally Manoufar, senior manager health and wellness at Johnson & Johnson, during a recent GMDC webcast. According to Johnson & Johnson research, the front-end basket of a diabetes patient is five times larger than that of a patient who doesn’t have diabetes.

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Johnson & Johnson recently showcased their new approach to helping retailers serve their diabetes patients across the entire healthcare ecosystem at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Total Store Expo in Boston last month. The company featured the Diabetes Collaboration Zone, where a cross-functional team armed with a wide range of expertise — from product knowledge, technology and design to behavioral science — met with retailers to discuss opportunities to better serve the diabetes patient.

“We believe that Johnson & Johnson is optimally positioned to address the diabetes challenge with the breadth and scale of our solutions to meet patient, consumer and healthcare provider needs,” said Ty Lee, VP Americas, Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies. “However, no one enterprise can tackle this epidemic alone. We hope to create an environment where our industry can co-create solutions to best deliver meaningful support, with the goal of improved health outcomes to people living with diabetes.”

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