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Playtex intros eco-friendly Clean Comfort tampons

Clean Comfort tampons feature a plastic tip with an eco-friendly cardboard plunger.
playtex clean comfort

Playtex is offering a brand-new line of feminine care products that offer consumers an eco-friendly choice that does not sacrifice on comfort and performance.

Clean Comfort is the latest addition to the Shelton, Conn.-based company’s portfolio, which features a plastic tip with an eco-friendly cardboard plunger.

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Designed to use 40% less plastic and made with 100% organic cotton, Playtex’s Clean Comfort line is free of chlorine, fragrances and dyes, and also uses the brand’s signature 360-degree leak protection technology, the company said.

“Plastic applicators are the most used tampon type in the U.S. due to their comfort and reliability, yet many women are seeking eco-friendly alternatives that fit their more sustainable lifestyle,” said Anna Dietrich, Playtex senior brand strategy manager. “Now, Playtex has eliminated the need for compromise when it comes to tampons. Playtex Clean Comfort offers an eco-friendly tampon choice that allows women to easily make a meaningful difference by reducing single-use plastic waste without compromising on comfort.”

In addition to launching this new product, which was created to help reduce the amount of overall plastic that is generated and eventually thrown away, the brand is working with Women’s Earth Alliance to work toward a mission of period protection with a positive impact.

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Women’s Earth Alliance is a global nonprofit organization that equips women leaders with the skills and tools needed to protect the environment and strengthen communities from the inside out. Playtex will work to support the organization’s support of empowering more women to launch environmental projects that create a healthy, safe and thriving world for all.

Playtex Clean Comfort will be available nationwide at major grocery, drug and general merchandise retail stores, as well as in a 30-count pack that retails for $7.49 and 16-count pack for $4.59 in regular and super absorbencies.

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