Primal Kitchen brings bowl, skillet meals to the frozen aisle

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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Primal Kitchen has some new recipes stewing.

The brand, which is paleo-friendly, certified gluten-free and Whole30 approved, is launching six new recipes.

Made with such ingredients as cage-free dark meat chicken, pasture-raised beef that does not contain antibiotics or hormones, and a variety of vegetables, each of Primal Kitchen’s new frozen bowl and skillet meals also does not contain grains, soy, dairy, refined sugar or artificial ingredients, the company said.

“I frequently hear that finding an easy, flavorful, real-food meal solution is tough,” Mark Sisson, founder of Primal Kitchen said. “I'm confident that Primal Kitchen frozen bowl and skillet meals will be a great solution for busy families and health-minded individuals alike. No sacrificing flavor and no offensive ingredients allowed — just simple, real meals that are uncompromisingly delicious with every single bite.”

Recipes found in the brand’s bowl collection include chicken pesto riced cauliflower, hearty beef and mushroom, and chicken panang curry.

On the other hand, the skillet meals line consists of the steak fajitas, no-soy chicken teriyaki, and chicken fried riced cauliflower recipes.

“From the beginning, Primal Kitchen has been disrupting traditionally 'unhealthy categories' with the introduction of mayo made with avocado oil,” Morgan Zanotti, co-founder of Primal Kitchen said. “Our new frozen line is another game-changer that truly brings a new standard of quality to the frozen aisle."

Primal Kitchen’s frozen bowl and skillet meals are currently available at select retailers nationwide. The skillet meals retail for $12.99 and the bowls for $7.99.