Promoting wellness routines via a union between a VMS brand and Netflix series

Pharmavite’s Alan McNamara explains how Nature Made is partnering with The Home Edit founders.
Hannah Esper
Managing Editor

Nature Made is teaming up with home organization experts Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, stars of the hit Netflix series “Get Organized with The Home Edit.” Earlier this year, the brand launched Wellblends — a supplement line to support the complex interplay between sleep, stress and immune health. The partnership will aid the company’s goal to inspire people to optimize their wellness routines and keep these areas of health in balance.

Recently, Drug Store News spoke with Alan McNamara, vice president of communications and public relations at Pharmavite, about the company’s unique partnership with The Home Edit as part of a larger media campaign.

Drug Store News: How did the partnership between Nature Made and The Home Edit team come about?
Alan McNamara: When we started planning the Wellblends launch well over a year ago, we knew instantly that the Home Edit would be the perfect partner to help tell an important story around balancing your wellness, and we are thrilled to finally launch this exciting partnership. Keeping our sleep, stress and immune health systems in balance is essential for achieving optimal health and wellness, and as Joanna and Clea share so well, the best organized system is one you can actually stick to and use.

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Alan McNamara
Alan McNamara, vice president of communications and public relations, Pharmavite

DSN: How will the show’s hosts help to promote the Wellblends product line?
AM: Through the partnership, The Home Edit duo will share their own experiences as well as how Wellblends targeted solutions help them proactively support their overall well-being as they navigate running their business, motherhood, busy schedules, travel and life’s stressors. The Home Edit will be featured in digital and social ads as part of the larger 360-degree Wellblends campaign, showcasing how Nature Made Wellblends shows up within unique moments of their lives when it comes to sleep, stress and immune health needs. In addition, the @naturemadevitamins and @thehomteedit will share content on their social channels highlighting The Home Edit’s organizational tips and the ways that they incorporate Wellblends into their daily routines. 

DSN: What is Nature Made hoping to achieve with this partnership?   
AM: Not With the “Life Calls for Wellblends” campaign and The Home Edit partnership, we want consumers to know that Wellblends can help them in their daily goals and wellness needs whether they are looking for sleep, stress or immune health support. The Wellblends consumer has a strong desire to live better and be stronger in their daily lives and be successful in everything they do — work, daily, leisure, health and wellness, etc. This always-on approach can be challenging to maintain, but with Wellblends consumers have an ally to help them stay balanced and committed to their VMS routine. Overall, our goal is to keep Nature Made Wellblends top of mind for consumers as life happens, meeting them as a ready resource wherever their day takes them.

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DSN: How does the partnership fit into the larger Wellblends media campaign?   
AM: The “Life Calls for Wellblends” campaign launched at the end of May, kicking off with TV on traditional and streaming channels such as ABC, NBC, HGTV, Food Network, Hulu, Amazon, Roku and more, followed by the announcement of Wellblends’ partnership with The Home Edit on June 22. The campaign builds upon the consumer insight that many of us face challenges in our daily lives that impact our ability to accomplish what we “should be doing,” such as getting eight hours of sleep, reducing stress and eating healthier foods

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