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Q+A: How TruLabs is redefining the hydration and energy market

TruLabs’ Brandon Pogue shares how the brand is redefining standards in the hydration and energy market

Brandon Pogue, founder and CEO of TruLabs, established a clear vision and values for the company based on faith, health, passion, humility and fun. Guided by these principles, he drives the formulation of TruLabs’ products and spearheads innovation within the company. Pogue’s dedication ensures that every TruLabs product aligns with the company’s core vision and values, empowering individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Drug Store News spoke with Pogue about the company’s latest product innovations.

Drug Store News: How does TruLabs distinguish itself in the crowded field of hydration and energy powders? 
Brandon Pogue: TruLabs’ uniqueness lies in our commitment to high-quality, naturally sourced ingredients and an exceptional taste. Our Hydrate product is packed with 18 vitamins and minerals, including five immune system-supporting ingredients and six energy-boosting B vitamins. Our Energy + Focus is enriched with 16 nutrients, including three electrolytes and three antioxidants. This dedication to health enhancement sets us apart. Our exclusive use of natural flavors and colors underscores our emphasis on taste and user experience. Our philosophy maintains that nutritional benefits should not compromise enjoyment. Therefore, we ensure all our products pass our rigorous flavor tests. This approach guarantees a perfect blend of nutritional potency and pleasing taste. Lastly, our products are sugar-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, soy-free and made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients. 

DSN: Please elaborate on the choice of sodium chloride over sodium citrate in your formulations? 
BP: Indeed, our choice to use sodium chloride, the form of sodium used in IV solutions, over sodium citrate, commonly used in other brands, stems from our commitment to consumer safety and well-being. We discovered that sodium citrate can cause adverse reactions or allergies in many individuals. Unaware of this, many consumers continue to use sodium citrate products under the misconception of its benefits. At TruLabs, we are dedicated to ensuring that every ingredient we use is healthy and safe.

DSN: How does TruLabs’ emphasis on experience influence its position in the market and customer loyalty? 
BP: At TruLabs, we prioritize a balance between scientific formulation and user experience. While customers appreciate the precise science behind our products, the harmonious blend of scientific integrity and enjoyable experience truly differentiates us. Our focus on flavor and quality results in a pleasant consumption process, encouraging repeat purchases. Health and wellness should be enjoyable as much as they are beneficial. This philosophy has carved out a unique niche for us in the market. It has fostered a loyal customer base that values our unwavering commitment to their health and taste satisfaction.

DSN: How does TruLabs add value to the emerging hydration category? 
BP: TruLabs brings incremental value to the emerging hydration category in multiple ways: • We cater to the diverse needs of consumers, from average individuals to elite athletes, with our groundbreaking Hydrate electrolyte drink mix. • Our targeted online marketing campaigns create awareness for hydration. • Our direct-to-consumer model fosters strong relationships, as evidenced by the higher-than-average active subscription days on our website. TruLabs’ commitment to meeting specific hydration needs, generating awareness, and ensuring long-term customer satisfaction distinguishes us in the market. We continue contributing to the evolving hydration landscape by providing effective, trusted solutions.

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