Q&A: Reserveage Nutrition wants to aid beauty, inside and out

Drug Store News caught up with Yamit Sadok, senior director of marketing at Reserveage parent company Twinlab Consolidation, to discuss its new skin care line.

The Reserveage Nutrition brand has long been focused on an area of growing interest these days — supplements that can keep skin healthy and help reduce signs of aging. In an effort to build an all-around beauty offering, the brand is now making its foray into skin care.

Drug Store News caught up with Yamit Sadok, senior director of marketing at Reserveage parent company Twinlab Consolidation, to discuss its new skin care line and how it is delivering what beauty shoppers are looking for.

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Yamit Sadok, senior director of marketing at Reserveage parent company Twinlab Consolidation.

Drug Store News: Can you give us some background on the Reserveage brand on the nutrition side? 
Yamit Sadok: Reserveage pioneered three emerging categories in the supplement space over a decade ago — collagen, keratin and resveratrol — and we’re proud to say we still hold category dominance today.  We are led by a team of women with a mission to redefine the way we approach beauty with original product lines, a holistic mindset and a purpose-filled brand journey. 

Our brand name combines the words “reserve” and “age” as an elegant way to bring recognition to our flagship ingredient resveratrol and notes the ability to maintain the best years of a woman’s life, for a longer period, naturally. Resveratrol has had extensive research and has been proven to activate your longevity gene. 

At the core of our brand lies the promise to always use trademarked ingredients with published human studies. We are driven by the standards to offer premium, quality ingredients that have clinically proven results and real consumer benefits. It’s one of our biggest points of difference among our competitors in the supplement space. 

DSN: What is the driving factor behind the move into skin care? 
YS: Over the past several years, we recognized a white space that was primed for Reserveage to enter. The beauty marketplace is continuing to shift given growing demand from consumers for products that provide a multitude of benefits from the inside out.  

Why is there an advantage to using both topicals and ingestibles? Topicals’ effects are strictly on the top layer of the skin, but also have an advantage with short-term benefits. Ingestibles exert their effect on all three layers of the skin and throughout the entire body but will take longer to realize visible results. This allows for a targeted approach to the most visible areas of the skin that need special attention. The complementary approach is beauty from the inside out and outside in. 

DSN: What are the benefits/key ingredients of these new products? 
YS: The secret sauce is a proprietary technology that is targeted and designed for the whole body. These products offer an exclusive technology incorporating microencapsulated copper peptides, which are absorbed into the skin more effectively, and without oxidation.  

We also included nine extraordinary branded ingredients with more than 29 human clinical studies, demonstrating highly effective results. These specialized formulas were created to address the most visible areas, including your face, eyes, neck and décolleté, as well as your hands and feet — the most visually impacted by collagen degradation. 

DSN: How do these new items deliver on consumer demands around ingredients with a clinical track record? 
YS: The beauty industry is shifting with growing interest from consumers around what they are putting in their body to address beauty concerns. A recent industry study found that 53% of women look for attributes such as natural and products that are free of sulfates and parabens. Additionally, face cream is one of the top items driving the growth in the U.S. skin care market, and 45% of skin care purchases are driven by dermatologist endorsement or recommendation. 

In our formulation, we made sure to hit all these key consumer insights. The products feature natural ingredients that have been proven in a two-year study with a world-renowned dermatologist and more than 200 of his patients. They are not only dermatologist tested, but they are also made without parabens or sulfates and have the highest cruelty-free standards.