SmartyPants expands baby supplement line

SmartyPants Baby Probiotic is a liquid formula designed to support the immune and digestive health of infants.

SmartyPants is growing its line of supplements that cater to young children and infants by launching a brand-new product — Baby Probiotic.

Designed for those aged 0 to 24 months old, the liquid formula was designed to support the immune and digestive health of infants.

Baby Probiotic contains pediatrician-tested probiotic strains P. pentosaceus KABP-041 and B. longum KABP-042, which aim to support the production of beneficial gut bacteria that is necessary for digestive function, the Los Angeles-based company said.

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“As we continue to expand in customizing formulas for particular audiences and covering all age ranges, it was a natural evolution for us. We saw an opportunity to bring something new to the category by doing what SmartyPants does best: developing comprehensive, innovative, science-backed products that solve problems in our consumers’ everyday lives,” said Aletta Mayorga, director of nutrition science at SmartyPants.

“We’re excited to expand our product offering to serve life’s most precious stage with our Baby Probiotic. This unique liquid supplement includes clinically studied strains to promote digestive comfort for little bellies and 1.6 Billion CFUs of probiotics in just six small drops.”

Packaged in a glass bottle with a built-in dropper, parents are able to release a controlled number of liquid drops when turned upside down for easier use, the company said.

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Made with non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients, the liquid supplement also is AVA Certified Vegan and free of synthetic colors, artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners.

SmartyPants Baby Probiotic is now available for purchase on