Soylent adds protein, energy-boosting beverages to roster


Soylent has a new way for protein to be incorporated into daily routines.

The Los Angeles-based company is rolling out its Complete Protein and Complete Energy products, which have been formulated with plant-based protein.

“Every person has different nutritional demands as well as health goals.  To support our consumer's unique needs we wanted to expand our offering to allow for a more personalized approach to nutrition,” Soylent CEO, Demir Vangelov said.  “Traditionally our consumers used Soylent products to replace meals, manage their weight, and even for medical recovery, but we also know that numerous others consume a portion of a serving for a snack, mix Soylent with coffee for an added energy boost or even increase protein with other supplements. We wanted to remove the nutritional guess work and make delicious products that meet a variety of  consumer needs and goals.”

When it comes to the Complete Protein shake, Soylent fans can expect to find 30 g of plant-based protein, 39 essential nutrients, 0 g of sugar, 5 g of BCAAs and 1,000 mg of omega-3 healthy fats per serving, the company said.

On the other hand, the Complete Energy beverage contains a blend of B vitamins, caffeine, l-theanine, l-tyrosine, alpha-GPC, 15 g of plant-based protein and 39 essential nutrients per serving as well.

Both Soylent’s Complete Protein and Complete Energy beverages are available for purchase via

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