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A strategic partner: Eagle Labs is on a mission to make consumer products the public can trust

Michael Law, chief commercial officer at Eagle Labs, explains how innovation will always have a place for consumers seeking new solutions.
Michael Law
Michael Law, chief commercial officer, Eagle Labs

Eagle Labs is a fully NSF Certified contract manufacturer of dietary supplements and cosmetics. The company can handle a wide array of product forms and offers collaboration throughout the formulation and product development process. Recently, Michael Law, chief commercial officer, sat down with Drug Store News to talk about the company’s mission and what we can expect from the supplements and cosmetics market in the near future.

Drug Store News: What is your company’s history, and what do you see as its mission?
Michael Law: Eagle Labs is NSF Certified and FDA registered for dietary supplements, cosmetics and OTCs. We are also Certified Organic and registered with Health Canada. Eagle Labs meets the highest industry standards for manufacturing, testing and process control.

Eagle Labs has been a contract manufacturer for over 20 years. Our mission is to be an agile, strategic partner with a breadth of collaborative resources. We bring a strong and experienced management team to help in all areas from R&D and formulation, through packaging design, manufacturing and fulfillment.

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DSN: Describe your company’s product offerings. What makes the products unique?
ML: We manufacture nutritional/dietary supplements (capsules, tablets, powders, gummies and liquids), as well as a wide array of cosmetic skin care products. Eagle Labs has low MOQs for the right strategic partners, so we can grow with them. We spend time to deeply understand the strategies and goals the customer is trying to achieve. Eagle brings leaders from all key functional areas to the earliest stages of a customer engagement to ensure the best solutions are being created. Often this means consulting on ingredient choices, formulations, packaging and claims.

Another thing that makes Eagle Labs unique is that we have large e-commerce DTC customers as well as clients with large traditional brick-and-mortar brands. Additionally, we have a strong own brand/private brand business for retail clients.

“Our mission is to be an agile, strategic partner with a breadth of collaborative resources.”

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DSN: What are your thoughts on “what’s next” in supplements and in cosmetic products?   
ML: There are three key themes: innovation, “natural or free from” and value. Innovation will always have a place for consumers seeking new solutions. This may be in ingredients, product forms, packaging or claims. Within supplements, we are seeing strong growth in powder stick packs and gummies. Traditional capsules and tablets remain strong, but a segment of consumers is looking for new ways to dose themselves to support their healthy lifestyle. Immunity products remain strong, and we expect consumers will continue to seek products that help them reduce the impact of aging and increase wellness. For cosmetics, there have been a lot of disruptive brands entering the category as barriers to entry have fallen. We expect that consumer spending on facial care and hand and body lotions will experience growth post-COVID. Additionally, consumers will continue to seek solutions to help them feel better and look better. Antiaging creams continue to be strong sellers as America ages.

DSN: Anything else you’d like our retail readers to know about your company?
ML: Eagle Labs can help identify key trends in e-commerce to help support traditional retail clients. Additionally, for e-commerce clients, we can provide support through our high-volume fulfillment center. With a broad array of product forms available and decades of experience on the management team, Eagle can be a strong strategic partner for both large and smaller brands, and also with private label/own brands.

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