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Target’s Good & Gather levels up offerings


Just about a year after launching its Good & Gather line, Target’s owned-brand is only getting started.

First launching with 650 items that span across the dairy and produce, as well as ready-made pasta and pantry staples categories, new additions to the brand now includes fresh and plant-based meats, yogurts, sauces, dressing and oat milk among others.

In total, Good & Gather’s full range of offerings now span across nearly 2,000 items, the company said.

“Food plays such an important role in our guests’ lives,” Stephanie Lundquist, executive vice president and president of food and beverage at Target, said. “And now, as guests are eating and cooking at home — and appreciating good value — more than ever, Good & Gather’s delicious, high-quality assortment and affordable price continues to set Target apart, while helping our guests discover the joy of food every day. And they’re going to love what we’re serving up this fall.”

Working with a team of food scientists and experts, Good & Gather is also adding such items as jalapeno avocado hummus, frozen zucchini spirals, bite-sized everything crackers and meatless burgers to its offerings.

Made without artificial flavors, sweeteners, synthetic colors, or high fructose corn syrup, each recipe must pass a rigorous taste test, and is backed by its money-back guarantee, the company said.

Throughout the fall, several new previously mentioned items will begin to pop up across the dairy, coffee, deli, bread and baking, snacks, produce, beverage, meal essentials and frozen food displays in physical stores.

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