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Think! rolls out limited edition seasonal bars

Think! is launching limited-edition pumpkin spice latte and chocolate peppermint bars.
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Fall is officially here, and think! is getting into the spirit of the season.

The high protein snack brand announced that it is rolling out not one, but two new seasonal flavors — pumpkin spice latte and chocolate peppermint.

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“Demand is high for seasonal flavors and our think! team worked diligently to create these high protein, low sugar offerings that meet lofty taste expectations,” Perri Gordon, the vice president and general manager for Glanbia Performance Nutrition’s healthy lifestyle brands said. “Our think! pumpkin spice latte tastes like the real thing and our think! chocolate peppermint is ready to become a holiday favorite.”

Each containing no more than 6 g of sugar per serving, the limited-edition bars feature 10 g of protein per serving, are just 150 calories and are gluten-free, the Downers Grove, Ill.-based company said.

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“The focus of think! is to Stand for Strong and create products that power your body and fuel your life,” said Gordon. “These high protein seasonal flavors were designed with this objective and deliver a delicious taste that brings you the portable protein that you need to do what you love stronger – whether it's raking leaves, shopping for the perfect gift, studying for finals or simply making a smarter snacking choice.”

In the pumpkin spice latte bar consumers can find a sweet pumpkin and cinnamon flavor, while the chocolate peppermint bar features fresh peppermint and chocolate, the company said.

Consumers can find the limited-edition seasonal launches from think! available for purchase online at

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