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Tums’ latest campaign pivots its brand image as a food ally

The Love Food Back campaign leans into the love many have for their favorite meals and makes way for everyone to pursue their food passions without the fear of heartburn, the brand said.

In its new campaign, Tums is encouraging consumers to give up the food fight and give their favorite meals some major love.

The Love Food Back initiative is part of the Warren, N.J.-based brand’s recent efforts to pivot and reposition itself as a food ally instead of an enemy.

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Rather than fighting against food, the campaign leans into the undeniable love many have for their favorite meals and makes way for everyone, from fervent foodies to everyday munchers, to pursue their food passions without the fear of heartburn, the company said.  

“Our insights show the love people have for food is very real, making the transition to now embrace those positive feelings with a refreshed identity as essential to our mission,” said Amy Sharon, brand director at Tums. “This metamorphosis brings the concept of loving food with Tums to life not only through brand creative, but by also calling on our fans to join in on the fun and show off their admiration for the foods they can’t — and don’t have to — live without.”

As part of the campaign, Tums is rolling out creative features that offer a new take on how Tums wants consumers to view their relationship with food by showcasing love stories between lovestruck individuals and giant, anthropomorphic foods.

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Through this pseudo-romantic narrative, the Love Food Back campaign dials up the emotional relationship between consumers and their beloved foods in a humorous and memorable way that many can relate to, the company said.

In addition, Tums will launch an interactive cam experience at St. Louis Cardinals’ Busch Stadium and New York Mets’ Citi Field, and a replay in select minor league baseball stadiums thereafter.

The brand also announced a sweepstakes that asks fans to submit a photo or short video of themselves enjoying and expressing their love for a favorite food for a chance to win a variety of prizes.

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The Love Food Back campaign will be presented in broadcast, digital and sports stadium media spots, as well as on social media, the company said. 

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