Two Trees Beverage launches seasonal-flavored whiskeys


Two Trees Beverage is embracing the fall season with two new launches.

The company announced that it would be rolling out its new pumpkin spice and peppermint wood-crafted flavored whiskeys.

Available in 750 ml bottles that are 70 proof and contain 35% ABV, the beverage was created by pairing specific grains with wood varieties that are then toasted to char levels in order to deliver rich flavor profiles, the Fletcher, N.C.-based company said.

“Unique product varieties such as these tend to expand category sales vs cannibalizing existing sales. Our exclusive and proprietary process delivers exceptional taste on a consistent basis with differentiation that consumers cannot find anywhere else,” Chad Slagle, Two Trees Beverage CEO, said. 

Notes found within the Two Trees Pumpkin Spice whiskey include pumpkin, toasted cinnamon, ginger and allspice.


Consumers can find a candy cane aroma and creamy peppermint flavor in the Two Trees Peppermint whiskey option.

“We enjoy showcasing our exceptional, intriguing tastes through our Two Trees™ portfolio and providing great examples of ways that our company can help retailers and other beverage brands diversify portfolios through our third-party manufacturing and private-label capabilities,” Chris Sellers, president of Two Trees Beverage said. “Companies that are looking to integrate sustainability into product development for adult beverages should contact us for information on our eco-friendly processes that deliver rapidly matured products in a consistent manner for profitable growth. By following best practices for maturation, the industry can take a mature approach to the environment and sustainability as well.”

Both beverages will be available beginning mid-September.