Uncle Bud’s, Magic Johnson team up on CBD wellness education

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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Uncle Bud’s is continuing to bring star power when it comes to celebrity fans.

After announcing that actress Jane Fonda would be its newest brand ambassador, the company also revealed that it would be partnering with NBA legend, Magic Johnson.

Johnson has been an advocate for the benefits that come from leading a healthy and active lifestyle, which is the message at the core of this brand-new partnership, the Los Angeles-based company said.

“Magic Johnson is a legend and his success resonates both on and off the court,” said Garrett Greller, Co-Founder of Uncle Bud's Hemp & CBD. “He is charismatic, influential and trusted. Uncle Bud's Hemp & CBD is a family business, and family is central to Magic's life as well. The synergy between Magic Johnson and Uncle Bud's Hemp & CBD products raises the bar to a new level as we share the love of the products and the history of the brand. Uncle Bud's Hemp & CBD is thrilled to partner with Magic Johnson and educate folks about all the benefits behind the brand's vast collection of Hemp & CBD products.”

The Uncle Bud’s Hemp & CBD line consists of non-psychoactive CBD wellness solutions that are priced under $30 and can be found online at, as well as Kohls, The Vitamin Shoppe, Urban Outfitters and Bed Bath & Beyond, as well as other retailers.

“Magic Johnson Enterprises is focused on identifying category leaders with quality products that are at an affordable price... I am impressed with the founder and leadership at Uncle Bud's Hemp & CBD,” Johnson said. “Garrett has proven the effectiveness of the products and the company's commitment to serving diverse communities. I look forward to working with the team to grow the company even further.”