Uncle Bud’s unveils CBD-infused skin care products

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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Uncle Bud’s is looking to shake up beauty routines with its skin care products, which contain non-psychoactive CBD.

Eight new additions to the brand’s portfolio include:

  • 120mg CBD Body Revive Roll-On in coconut scent, which can help keep users happy and calm. The no-mess solution rolls on directly to the affected area and is absorbed into the skin;
  • 60mg CBD Topical Body Rub in coconut scent, which is an alternative to mentholated products that burn skin;
  • 120mg CBD Massage & Body Oil in coconut scent, which looks to help users relax, as well as soothe the mind, body and soul;
  • 120mg CBD Body Wash in coconut scent, which contains a gentle CBD infused formula, and aims to help keep skin fresh and clean;
  • 5mg Lip Balm in peppermint scent, which looks to wrap dry and cracked lips in moisture;
  • 4.20 CBD Collagen Face Mask, which comes in a pack of 6, and contains a Japanese cherry blossom scent. Its formula looks to leave skin glowing, vibrant and healthy;
  • 4.20mg CBD Rose Gold Face Mask, which also comes in a pack of 6, and features a Mandarin floral scent. The mask looks to protect skin, remove unwanted toxins, and contains antioxidants as well as skin supplements; and
  • Miss Bud’s 15mg CBD Eye Serum, which goes on smooth and looks to rejuvenate skin.

Shoppers can find all of the Uncle Bud’s offerings on the company’s website.