Zhou Nutrition launches Water Enhancers

Zhou Nutrition is expanding upon its holistic wellness supplements into a brand-new category.

New from the Park City, Utah-based company are its line of Water Enhancers, which are available in six flavors, and aim to help support a variety of needs that range from hair and skin health to memory and stress management.

“We’re excited to launch our new Water Enhancers, which truly offer one of the easiest ways for people to incorporate our powerful formulas into their daily lives,” Cait Probst, creative director for Zhou Nutrition said. “The line will allow more people to experience the benefits of our high-quality, lab-verified products, whether they’re looking for a quick energy boost, sleep support, or healthier hair.”

The concentrated liquid, designed to be mixed easily into any beverage, are packaged in squeezable bottles.

Varieties available include:

  • Hairfluence, which is formulated with biotin, also contains an herbal blend that aims to aid in supporting stronger and healthier hair, as well as a watermelon flavor;
  • Glowfluence, which features a formula that aims to help skin glow from the inside out, and contains a grapefruit flavor that has been sweetened with stevia leaf;
  • Calm Now, which looks to aid in providing stress relief, also aims to aid users in achieving a focused and relaxed mindset via its cherry flavor;
  • Energy + Focus, which contains an orange flavor, looks to help users achieve focus, clarity and energy due to its B12, caffeine and L-theanine;
  • Collagen Peptides, which aims to aid in supporting healthy skin, nails, lean muscle mass, healthy joints and tendon flexibility, also contains a tropical berry flavor; and
  • Neuro-Peak, which has been formulated with mushroom superfoods and herbs, and contains a berry flavor, looks to provide users with memory support, clarity and concentration.

Zhou Nutrition’s Water Enhancers, which retail for $5.99 each, are currently available at and

The line, sans the Collagen Peptide offering, will be available at Walmart stores nationwide beginning in September.