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5 fast questions with Hy-Vee

Shelby Stritzke, vice president of fashion, beauty and innovation at Hy-Vee, shares what's on the horizon for men's personal care at TSE.

DSN spoke to a few retailers ahead of TSE 2023 to find out the latest trends making waves in the market. As reported in our August issue, men's skin and personal care is booming, and many retailers are carving out an array of offerings to serve this expanding demographic. Here are some key trends we can expect at TSE after speaking with Shelby Stritzke, Vice President, Fashion, Beauty, Innovation at Hy-Vee. Read the Q&A below for her full insights.

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shelby stritzke
Shelby Stritzke, Vice President, Fashion, Beauty, Innovation, Hy-Vee
shelby stritzke
Shelby Stritzke, Vice President, Fashion, Beauty, Innovation, Hy-Vee

Drug Store News: What new product launches or innovations in men’s personal care can we expect to see at TSE this year? 

Shelby Stritzke, Vice President, Fashion, Beauty, Innovation, Hy-Vee: At this year’s Total Store Expo, attendees should expect more regimen-based lines offering solutions for men’s skin care, including razor bump treatments and anti-aging options. Attendees will also see solution-based hair care regimens and trimmers for all-over grooming.

DSN: How are you leveraging technology and online platforms to enhance the shopping experience for male consumers in the personal care category?

SS: At Hy-Vee, our in-store Bellissima beauty department utilizes in-store promotion with digital screens to showcase different products in action. We also leverage digital messaging to attract new customers and introduce them to new products. 

DSN: With growing interest in sustainable and natural products, what strategies are you implementing to meet the demands of eco-conscious shoppers?

SS: We strive to offer high-quality brand assortments within the natural, sustainable category to meet and exceed customer needs. We use storytelling with our endcaps to further educate our eco-conscious customers about our brands. Additionally, we partner with key natural product suppliers to offer the customer a 360-degree approach to our messaging.  When customers come to Hy-Vee looking for sustainable and natural products, they can expect to find brands like Method, Duke Cannon Supply Co., Bulldog, Rebels Refinery, Burt’s Bees and more. 

DSN: Are there any specific market trends or consumer preferences that have driven the expansion of men’s grooming and personal care products in your stores? 

SS: We’ve seen more male customers becoming focused on self-care, with many willing to spend more in the categories of facial, shaving, beard care, hair care and grooming tools. More men are now inclined to take care of their hair earlier in life to help maintain strong and healthy hair into the future, so new hair care regimens are trending with customers.  

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