Batiste's Wonder Woman Dry Shampoo refreshes tresses

Batiste’s limited-edition Wonder Woman Dry Shampoo features bergamot, freesia and rose scents, the company said.
Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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Batiste is bringing an added dose of superhero power to its dry shampoo.

The hair care brand is rolling out a limited-edition Wonder Woman Dry Shampoo.

Featuring hints of rose, bergamot and freesia, the product aims to leave hair looking, feeling and smelling fresh between washes, as well as extra volumized, the company said.

Containing a formulation of rice starch, the dry shampoo removes excess oil from hair while also leaving dull and lifeless tresses revitalized.

Retailing for $6.48, consumers can find the limited-edition Batiste Wonder Woman Dry Shampoo at Walmart.