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Artificial nails boast consistent growth


Instagram is helping boost sales of at-home artificial nails. The nail category is still trying to claw its way out of the red, with IRI reporting sales still down. For the 52-week period ended May 15 across multi-outlets, sales are down 0.7% overall, but nail color is still down just over 7%.

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Where there is robust growth is artificial nails. The category has consistently grown, with the most recent period showing a 14% climb. The other growth in the category is from implements and treatments.

Social media is igniting nail trends at a blistering pace — many of which require a little help from artificial nails to achieve. Looks ranging from snow globes to faux turtle shells are adorning nails on Instagram and Snapchat. And, of course, the popularity of Pokémon Go has inspired Pokémon tributes.

Many women who can’t keep trendy nails for work or who can’t grow nails long enough to sport the on-trend looks opt for artificial help. And, for those who aren’t as artsy, there are nails already adorned with on-trend fashion that can be popped on as needed. Longer nails are making a comeback, and that’s good news for the artificial segment.

Because women like so many different types of nails, brands have added to the selection. French nails remain the most popular, such as Broadway Real Life Everyday and the recently launched Nude French Nail from Kiss. Reacting to newer shapes, however, Kiss added oval shapes to its imPRESS collection.

Recently, Kiss sampled imPRESS to consumers at 1,100 Walmart stores. Demo specialists helped with sizing and showed consumers how to align the nails. In-store demonstrations are key, according to Annette DeVita-Goldstein, SVP global marketing at Kiss, because it helps convert those who hadn’t tried artificial nails before. The demonstrations were accompanied by a Kiss end cap.

Nailene produces several unique items for women looking to adapt artificial nails to their grooming routine. One is a Finger Tip Pen, which helps create the white tip endemic to French manicures. The brand also sells an Ultra Quick Gel Kit — a brush on gel overlay.

As for treatments, a brand that gained attention two years ago at NACDS Total Store Expo is proving it deserved the buzz. Several chains, including Walgreens, stock Vitry. Among the hottest items are the Lacquer Drying Drops and Nail Growth Serum. There’s also an innovative Whitening CC base, which helps with yellowed nails.

Nail-biting remedies often are an overlooked, but notable, sub-category — especially for those who want to grow nails. SinfulColors and Mavala are two noted entries.

Several retailers said they’ve trimmed the footage to color as it has slowed to make room for more treatment lines.

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