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Cutex develops new Cutex SPA Formula for stubborn nail color


ST. LOUIS — Cutex, a producer of nail-care products, is thinking outside of the jar with the launch of its new Cutex Twister with SPA Formula one-stop polish remover jar.

"Consumers love how effective Cutex SPA Formula is when it comes to removing stubborn nail color," said John Mandelker, president of Cutex Brands. "Developing Twister was a natural fit. It's the perfect solution for those frustrated with the mess and hassle of using multiple cotton balls to remove dark or glitter nail polish. With Twister all of the tools are in one place, truly making it the fastest path to healthier nails."

The new design includes a bristle brush imbedded in the sponge, allowing users to both soak and scrub their nails. Not that much scrubbing is necessary; the sponge is soaked in Cutex SPA Formula, which is specifically engineered by Cutex chemists to clear hard-to-remove polish quickly and effectively, the company stated.

"The new brush in Twister is like a team of little fingers gently scrubbing away at that stuck-on polish," added Barbara Hershfelt, director of sales and marketing for Cutex Brands.


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