Finesse launches line for aging hair

STAMFORD, Conn. Lornamead's Finesse hair care brand is tackling the symptoms of aging hair with its new Finesse ReVitality line.

Finesse ReVitality, which is enhanced with a complex of collagen, CoQ10 and antioxidants, is designed specially for women concerned about aging. The formula promises to improve strength and softness of hair after just one use.

According to the company, three-quarters of women surveyed by the brand agreed that their hair has changed over time. In addition to changes in their natural hair color, women cited increased coarseness, dryness, brittleness and thinning as new challenges for their hair. As a result, fewer than 2-out-of-10 women described their own hair as "healthy."

"Finesse ReVitality fills a gap in the marketplace by meeting beauty needs that have been overlooked until now," stated Randy Sloan, CEO of Lornamead. "Our formula takes the best of what's been learned in skin care and now applies it to hair care to satisfy a beauty need of older women."

The ReVitality line is designed to:

  • Plump: A complex that includes collagen helps to increase elasticity and aids hair in retaining moisture and plumpness;
  • Repair: CoQ10, proteins and amino acids defend against damage; and
  • Protect: Antioxidants promote healthy scalp, laying the foundation for healthy hair.

The collection includes hydrate and recover shampoo and conditioner, volumize and correct shampoo and conditioner, fortify and protect leave-in treatment, and stimulate and refine pre-shampoo treatment.