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GMDC to 'flip-flop' annual marketing conferences in 2013


NEW YORK — The Global Market Development Center earlier this week announced the association will be "flip-flopping" its two annual marketing conferences with the Health Beauty Wellness event moving to a spring time frame and General Merchandise event moving to a fall time frame, beginning in 2013.

“This change is member-driven,” stated Dave McConnell, GMDC president and CEO. "The belief is that this calendar shift more effectively supports the seasonal nature of both sides of our business. We anticipate that this shift will create even more engagement with both events.”

McConnell noted that GMDC continues to focus its initiatives around enhancing connectivity. “The core strategy for 2012 will continue to be focused around enhancing the experience and value of our GM and HBW Marketing conferences, along with expanding how GMDC delivers value to our members throughout the year,” McConnell said. In 2012, the association will be introducing new ways for its members to connect before, during and after its conferences by leveraging existing and emerging communications technology.

“Our conferences continue to grow and are regularly referred to in the industry as the most productive workdays of the year," McConnell noted. "Over the past couple of years, we have evolved the conferences with the addition of Senior Executive Conferences, which are 40-minute meeting formats held in private suites. These longer meetings facilitate more strategic dialogue and compliment the 10- and 20-minute Controlled Casual Conference format.”

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