L’Oréal Paris launches new Superior Preference Hair Color campaign

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L’Oréal Paris launches new Superior Preference Hair Color campaign

By Gisselle Gaitan - 01/04/2019
L’Oréal Paris announced plans to amplify its iconic “Because I’m Worth It” tagline, which launched in 1973 alongside its Superior Prefernce Hair Color.

To do so, the beauty brand is launching its new #OwningIt campaign, which is a rally cry for women everywhere to own, celebrate and be proud of their personal achievements and life decisions — hair color included.

"Since launching over 40 years ago, Superior Preference has stood for more than just hair color. Its message of empowerment and championing women is more relevant today than ever before," Anne Marie Nelson-Bogle, senior vice president of marketing at L'Oréal Paris USA, said. "With this new campaign, we want to inspire women to powerfully own it across all facets of their life – from their personal and professional passions to their approach to beauty, including their hair color."

Starring actress’ Courtney Cox, Julianne Moore and Amber Heard, the campaign focuses on each of the women’s beliefs in going all in on something, and owning their life as well as their signature hair color.

"There was a time where I was fighting against the external representation and presentation of myself and what other people thought about that. But now, I just own it," Amber Heard said. "I own my blonde and I own being me. Just like my hair, there are many more dimensions to my life than meet the eye."

L’Oréal Paris’ Superior Gold Preference is available in over 50 shades, can be found on the shelves of mass, food and drug retailers nationwide retailing for $9.99.

"Above all, I own being a mom and nurturing my relationships," Courteney Cox said. "Being a good mom, a good partner and a good friend are three of the most important things to me. I try to own it by always being there and listening. As for my hair, simply stated, my brunette color is who I am."

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