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Master curls with Boing


NEW YORK — The popularity of the movie “Frozen” ignited a braid craze. But how was David Shapiro supposed to get the plaited look for his 3-year-old daughter Hunter, who has a head of springy corkscrews? He is one of many men who have attended braiding courses taught by hair guru Cozy Friedman in her New York salons. The biggest demand comes from those who have to create the looks on offspring with curly or coiled hair.

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Friedman is not only helping dads learn to style textured hair, but bringing her line, called Boing, to the nation’s drug stores. With expertise garnered in her salons, Friedman developed a special curl shampoo, conditioner and gel cream. “I also have so many parents come into the salon with straight hair who have children with curly hair seeking advice. This isn’t just about adding products. It is about helping kids have strong self-esteem.”

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