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New toothpaste gives consumers a rush while they brush


NEW YORK -- A new toothpaste is looking to make morning coffee a thing of the past.

Power Toothpaste is the world’s first toothpaste to contain caffeine. Unlike coffee, which takes up to an hour to fully absorb through the stomach, Power Toothpaste begins working immediately, absorbing through the gums and mouth. Like a traditional toothpaste, Power Toothpaste still leaves the teeth clean and mouth feeling fresh, the company says

Power Toothpaste was founded by Dan Meropol and Ian Nappier, two entrepreneurs who became friends while attending Brown University. After learning from an ADA study that fewer than half of Americans brush twice per day, Dan set out to find a way to encourage people to take better care of their teeth. Dan spoke to his friend Ian about the problem he was trying to solve – and Ian suggested a caffeinated toothpaste.

The two founders decided to test the market to gauge interest in their idea. They immediately encountered consumer demand, collecting over 30,000 email sign-ups in eight weeks. Ian and Dan launched a crowdfunding campaign for Power Toothpaste on Indiegogo and began accepting pre-orders, raising over $40,000.

After a year of research, development, formula refinement, a partnership with an FDA-compliant American manufacturer, and lots of press coverage, the company has shipped over 2,000 tubes of toothpaste to customers who made pre-orders. Power Toothpaste is also available to the general public now at

“Too many people aren’t taking care of their teeth, even when they know they should,” said Meropol. “At Power Toothpaste we believe a big part of this is that oral care hasn’t been exciting for decades, and the products that Big Toothpaste is offering just aren’t good enough. Our mission is to make oral care fun and exciting again, and above all else, to get people brushing.”



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