Blender Bites, Orgain partner to launch co-branded post-workout smoothie

Superberry Sport 1-Step Smoothie features a USDA-certified organic blend of plant-based protein to aid in muscle recovery, the brands said.
Superberry Sport 1-Step Smoothie

Blender Bites and Orgain entered into a trademark license agreement to launch a co-branded post-workout smoothie product—Superberry Sport. 

The product was created in collaboration with Blender Bites investor and Emmy Award-winning performer Julianne Hough. 

“Joining forces with a Nestlé-affiliated brand on a product launch is a major accomplishment for a Canadian brand like Blender Bites. Orgain is one of the highest-quality and most trusted nutrition brands in the North American wellness sector. Dr. Abraham, the founder of Orgain, and I share a lot of similar values and visions for our companies, including our common goal to make healthy, plant-based and organic foods accessible and available to everyone,” said Chelsie Hodge, Founder and CEO of Blender Bites. “Blender Bites has been working on developing a product with the inclusion of plant-based protein for some time now, and it was the perfect opportunity to do so with Orgain and Julianne. She embodies what it means to live a clean and healthy life, and her large following is our perfect target market. She will be actively involved in the sale of the product, and we are already discussing a major US launch with one of the World’s largest grocery retailers.”

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Superberry Sport 1-Step Smoothie features a USDA-certified organic blend of plant-based protein to aid in muscle recovery, tart cherry to help oxidative stress, maqui berry to aid in reducing inflammation, turmeric to help alleviate soreness, B vitamins and 14 vitamins and minerals for immune support, the companies said. 

“Creating a custom smoothie blend has been a dream of mine for some time now,” said Hough. “I am a huge proponent of smoothies after my exhaustive workout and dance schedules, and I have seen firsthand how supplementing my body properly helps tremendously in my recovery. I use plant-based protein on the daily, and ingredients like tart cherry and turmeric have proven benefits in speeding up muscle recovery while reducing inflammation. When the opportunity came up to create a custom formula with Blender Bites, I knew that I had to do something like my own daily smoothie. I couldn’t be more excited to share this with my fans in a big way, and I know it will benefit others the same way it has benefited me.”

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