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Byoma expands distribution to Ulta Beauty

Byoma’s skin care products provide consumers with the building blocks to achieve better skin, the company said.
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Future Beauty Labs is bringing its Byoma skin care brand to Ulta Beauty.

Each product features Byoma’s proprietary barrier-health complex, combining ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids at a 3-1-1 ratio, plus handpicked active ingredients to boost, build, balance and brighten skin, the company said.

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Built on the principal of providing consumers with the building blocks to achieve better skin, Byoma products that the retailer will carry include:

  • Creamy Jelly Cleaner: A hydrating cleanser that contains the brand’s Tri-Ceramide Complex, antioxidant-rich licorice root and green tea. The pH-balanced jelly formula turns into a rich, creamy lather that leaves skin feeling refreshed without disrupting the skin barrier;
  • Moisturizing Gel Cream: A lightweight, oil-free gel cream moisturizer that features the Tri-Ceramide Complex, as well as niacinamide and green tea to brighten and reduces redness while also supporting the skin barrier function;
  • Brightening Serum: A concentrated brightening booster with a Tri-Ceramide Complex, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to help improve skin’s tone and texture for a brighter and glowing complexion that does not compromise the daily skin barrier function;
  • Hydrating Serum: A lightweight moisture boosting serum enriched with a Tri-Ceramide Complex, squalene and glycerin to aid in increasing moisture levels and prevent water loss to support optimum skin barrier function;
  • Clarifying Serum: A clarifying booster with a Tri-Ceramide Complex, blue pansy, PHA and zinc to help target imperfections and unclog pores without irritating or disrupting the skin barrier for calmer and clearer complexions; and
  • Hydrating Trio Kit: Featuring hydrating, dermatologist-approved essentials for all skin types. It helps users achieve glowing, hydrated and dewy skin.

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“The focus on skin barrier health and the creation of skin-compatible skin care means healthier results regardless of age, skin-tone, type or gender,” said Marc Elrick, brand founder and CEO. “Gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet powerful enough to deliver effective, noticeable results.”

Byoma’s collection is currently available online at and will launch in 715 Ulta Beauty stores nationwide beginning Oct. 16.

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