Cantu Beauty debuts styling accessories

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Cantu Beauty debuts styling accessories

By Gisselle Gaitan - 11/08/2019

Cantu Beauty is debuting its second phase of accessories.

Designed to help users perfectly style their tresses, the beauty brand has added 19 new products to shelves at Target.

Products range from brushes to satin scarves to bows, bonnets and headwraps, the company said. 

New additions to the brand’s portfolio includes:

  • Easy Wrap in princess and sunshine designs, which can be used as a headband or added to any ponytail or poof. Both are soft and snag-free;
  • Bows in regal and crisscross, which feature easy clip clamps that gently hold hair without snagging, and prevent tangles and breakage;
  • Sturdy Wash Day Brush, which is a detangling brush that’s been modified with longer bristles, and features a rubber base to define curls and a non-slip grip for a stringer hold;
  • Baby Hair Styler, which is a 2-in-1 boar styler that aims to sculpt edges, is designed with firm bristles to smooth thick, curly and coily hair, and helps distribute natural oils across strands for an added shine;
  • Natural Bristle Brush, which is a narrow boar styling brush that easily smooths hair into an updo, and features firm and natural bristles to help smooth thick, curly and coily hair, while also distributing natural oils across strands for enhanced shine;
  • The 2-In-1 Comb Set, which is made with durable material, and contains fine tooth and wide brushes;
  • The Part & Twist Set, which contains a uniquely designed spiral comb that creates coils, and features a metal end for precise parting and smoothing;
  • Hook Elastic Bands, which are snag-free, can be wrapped around the head like a headband, tied around for a ponytail or wrapped around a curly poof for an updo;
  • Conditioning Caps, which are jumbo-sized and disposable;
  • Shower Cap in terry cloth lined and stain lined, which are double-sided and waterproof;
  • Rainbow Satin Bonnet and Regal Satin Bonnet, which can be used for protection while sleeping to help minimize snagging, dryness and breakage;
  • Modern and Deco Satin Scarves, which feature a soft material that helps minimize snagging, dryness and breakage;
  • Satin Lined Cap, which provides extra protection from breakage, as well as aims to minimize snagging and dryness; and
  • Braid Bonnet, which protects long hair from damage due to dryness, and comes with an adjustable tie for extra hold.

Shoppers can find the new items from Cantu Beauty on Target shelves.

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