CeraVe revamps its baby formulated line

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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CeraVe is not just unveiling a brand-new look for its baby formulated line of products.

The New York-based personal care brand is also renovating the collection with formulas that have been developed with pediatric dermatologists to specifically meet the delicate skin care needs of babies.

Featured in the CeraVe Baby roster are products that cleanse, protect and soothe the skin. Included in the collection are reformulated baby wash and shampoo with vitamin E and a tear-free formula, as well as a refreshed look for the moisturizing lotion, moisturizing cream and healing ointment.

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“We understand the importance of gentle care and the desire for trusted products designed to meet the needs of delicate baby skin,” Jaclyn Marrone, vice president of marketing at CeraVe said. “As a dermatologist-developed brand committed to providing therapeutic skincare for all, including even the youngest skin, CeraVe created the Baby line with products that are not only free of harmful ingredients, but include the building blocks baby’s developing skin needs, like ceramides, to ensure it has what it needs today in order to have the healthiest tomorrows.”

Ingredients included in the collection include the brand’s patented multivesicular emulsion technology that releases ingredients slowly, which allows them to be absorbed thoroughly into the skin to nourish the natural barrier, the company said.

Consumers can find CeraVe’s baby wash and shampoo, and the moisturizing lotion in a 8-oz. size that retails for $9.99 and 16-oz. bottle for $14.99. The moisturizing cream comes in a 5-oz. size that retails for $9.99 and 8-oz. tube for $12.49, while the healing ointment comes in a 3-oz. tube that retails for $11.99.

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All products part of the CeraVe Baby collection can be found at drug stores nationwide and online at