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Cheeky Bonsai debuts cramp, hormonal patches

Cheeky Bonsai is debuting Soothe Me Cramp Relief Patches and Mood Queen Hormone Harmony Patches.
cheeky bonsai patches

Cheeky Bonsai is expanding its portfolio by debuting two products — Soothe Me Cramp Relief Patches and Mood Queen Hormone Harmony Patches.

Available in a heart shape, the patches look to offer 8-hours of relief, and work to help users manage their period symptoms in a way that channels a moment of self-love and assurance, the company said.

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“Meet period care 2.0. We’re flipping the script on the shame and the way we treat ourselves on our periods — and throughout the entire hormonal month. Our science-backed patches help relieve period cramps and get you through PMS moods. Our Soothe Me cramp relief patches are powered by all natural ingredients — menthol, black cohosh, capsaicin and lavender — to give you 8 hours of relief from period cramps and backaches,” said Elise Orthwein, co-founder of Cheeky Bonsai.

The Soothe Me Cramp Relief Patches feature a lavender scent and contain menthol for fast-acting relief, black cohosh for hormone-balancing and capsaicin for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Mood Queen Hormone Harmony Patches, which were designed to help regulate mood swings through a cycle, feature caffeine and green tea for energy; vitamin B12 to help regulate serotonin; chasteberry to aid in easing mood swings; and ashwagandha to reduce stress.

“They provide fast-acting, targeted relief and can be used anytime throughout the month," Orthwein said. "Our Mood Queen hormone harmony patches help regulate mood swings and give you a boost whenever you need some extra support throughout your monthly cycle. Caffeine, green tea and ashwagandha work together to give you a calm energy boost. Vitamin B12 helps to regulate serotonin and chasteberry helps ease mood swings." 

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Cheeky Bonsai’s Soothe Me Cramp Relief Patches and Mood Queen Hormone Harmony Patches retail for $14 each.

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