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Degree Deodorant, Ciara partner to launch Unlimited collection

The collection offers five gender-neutral fragrances in both dry sprays and antiperspirant sticks.
unlimited by degree

Degree Deodorant has launched a new collection of antiperspirants, powered by the brand's SmartAdapt Technology, that responds to body heat and moisture with all-day personalized protection.

The Unlimited by Degree collection utilizes SmartAdapt Technology by creating a flexible micro barrier that responds to sweat from movement, heat and stress for up to 96 hours of protection, the brand said.

In addition, the brand also released findings from its “What Makes America Sweat” study that uncovered the nationwide impact of sweat-inducing moments by noting that 68% of Americans who experience heavy or anxious sweating, 75% say it affects their self-confidence and 80% would live their lives differently if they didn’t have to worry about sweat.

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ciara unlimited by degree

“We’re proud to introduce this advanced SmartAdapt technology that offers superior sweat protection vs. the No. 1 clinical soft solid product and the most effective dry spray in the category” said Desi Okeke, director of Degree North America. “Degree has always looked for ways to break barriers, and according to our ‘What Makes America Sweat’ study, sweat is holding people back. With Unlimited by Degree and support from our talent partners, we hope to inspire unlimited confidence and help people across the country #LiveWithoutLimits.”

As a way to change the way Americans handle sweat, Degree is also debuting a team of voices and experts in sweat and confidence that includes artist and entrepreneur Ciara; board-certified dermatologist Michelle Henry; VP of R&D North America at Unilever, Connie Avramis; and former professional athlete Emmanuel Acho.

“As an artist and a mom of three, I’m no stranger to experiencing high-pressure moments, like performing on stage or running after my kids. So, I can relate to the struggle of overcoming sweat-inducing situations,” said Ciara. “I’m excited to team up with Degree to inspire others to live without limits and let their confidence shine through with the help of the new Unlimited by Degree collection.”

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Available in five gender-neutral fragrances—fresh, marine, bold, clean and neutral—Unlimited by Degree comes in dry sprays that retail for $9.99 and antiperspirant sticks for $8.99 at national retailers.

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