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Dr. PawPaw welcomes mini versions of its signature balms


Dr. PawPaw is welcoming some brand-new additions to its family and giving fans a new way to find them.

The beauty brand, which uses papaya as a key ingredient in its products, is launching a mini version of its Multipurpose Balms — original, peach pink and ultimate red — at roughly 7,000 CVS Pharmacy shelves on Aug. 20.

Pauline and Johnny Paterson

When it came to choosing its next retail partner, CVS Pharmacy was an attractive choice to founders Johnny and Pauline Paterson due to their consumer loyalty.

CVS was always an attractive choice for us as their consumer loyalty is unparalleled. To be in-store at CVS offers us an unprecedented accessibility within the U.S. market at a time when the consumer has increasingly high expectations out of mass drug retailers,” Johnny Paterson, co-founder and managing director said. “With shopping habits evolving during COVID-19, a ‘run’ to CVS not only equates to picking up your pharmacy prescription, but also to purchase everyday essential items, groceries, and now beauty. The aisles at CVS really showcase an innovative assortment of brands, and we are excited to be part of that offering.”

Featuring a blend of aloe vera and olive oil, as well as the aforementioned papaya fruit, Dr. PawPaw’s products came to be as far back as 2013, then they first launched their Original Multipurpose Soothing Balm.

We launched our Original Multipurpose Soothing Balm in 2013 when our young daughter was diagnosed with eczema. A natural alternative to the normal steroid prescription creams turned a want into a must. Pawpaw, or papaya fruit, turned out to be the cure, and it became our mission to make this ingredient accessible,” Paterson said.

The new miniature balms in the original blend can be used on the skin, lips and also help soothe irritated skin. On the other hand, the tinted balms — peach pink and ultimate red — are ideal for lips or can even be applied on the cheeks as a cream blusher, the company said.

In addition to bringing its products to CVS Pharmacy shelves, Dr. PawPaw is also using the opportunity to launch its 100% recyclable and sustainable outer cardboard packaging.

We have completely removed the plastic from our 0.35 fl. oz. packaging and are excited to launch this new look with CVS,” Paterson said.

Looking ahead, Dr. PawPaw is planning to have three seasonal gift sets available in the U.S. market just in time for the holiday season, and plans for future expansions as well.

“It’s early days to reveal details just yet but we are in talks with some big players in the US market and are always looking to expand with the right people to grow our US presence and ultimately become a global household name. With our 2021 new product development we will be expanding into product categories which we hope will open up more opportunities both in the US and around the world,” Paterson said.

Made and manufactured in the UK, Dr. PawPaw’s products are vegan approved, cruelty-free and ethically sourced.

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