Eco Lips launches environmentally-friendly lip balm tube

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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With the new year in full swing, many brands are rolling out their environmentally friendly innovations.

Eco Lips is the latest brand to do this by rolling out a sustainable lip balm tube that has been made entirely from plants, the company said.

“Eco Lips doesn’t give lip service to sustainability — we live it every day, from our organic and fair trade ingredient sourcing, manufacturing running on 100% renewable energy, and now our NEW 100% plastic free packaging, we’re truly ‘eco’ in every sense of the word,” said Steve Shriver, founder and CEO of Eco Lips. “But, plastic. PLASTIC! We couldn’t make a truly sturdy Eco Lips container without it. It was like a fly buzzing around a perfect picnic plate.”

Titled the Plant Pod, it contains no plastic elements, heavy metals, polymers or BPA and phthalates, the company said.

“With the absence of plastic and fossil fuel-based ingredients, we are dramatically reducing our carbon footprint and decreasing the production and disposal of plastic,” Shriver added. “Not to mention, because plants absorb CO2 before harvest, they reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This move not only aligns with our values as a company but satisfies the ever-growing demand for environmentally conscious products.”

Currently, Eco Lips’ Plant Pods are available for purchase online and will be rolling out to retailers in the next several months.