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EnsembleIQ recognized for company leadership

EnsembleIQ was honored by Comparably in its Best Leadership Teams category for driving positive culture change.

EnsembleIQ, the parent company of Drug Store News, was honored by Comparably in its Best Leadership Teams category for driving positive culture change.

Based on ratings voluntarily and anonymously submitted to Comparably by EnsembleIQ employees about the performance of the company leadership team, those who participated included direct managers and senior leaders who received A-level grades in the last 12 months, the company said.

“This evaluation clearly illustrates that our team members value how company leaders have created a positive culture that encourages, supports and celebrates the diversity of our employees. Prioritizing positive culture change has strengthened the core of our organization,” EnsembleIQ CEO Jennifer Litterick said. “Our leaders are providing a supportive, flexible and development-driven environment for employees to innovate and drive growth by delivering actionable business intelligence and connections to retail, healthcare and hospitality business professionals and solution providers.”

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Culture is an essential component of EnsembleIQ attracting top-tier talent, and in addition to using Comparably for cultural assessment, the company also offers a diversity, equity and inclusion council with 35 people serving on three employee-driven task forces focused on community, cultural competence and cultural belonging, the company said.

“Company culture is driven by the organization’s leadership team,” said Comparably CEO Jason Nazar. “Sentiments expressed by EnsembleIQ employees clearly illustrate they greatly appreciate the outstanding leadership that has driven positive change to provide a culture in which they thrive.”

In addition, EnsembleIQ provides employees with two volunteer days per year and a platform to find in-person or remote volunteer opportunities that are individual or team-based, monthly leadership training, a well-being program with a mental health focus, and a feedback culture where employees receive feedback every week.

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“The leadership team is approachable and open to new suggestions and ideas. They make themselves available to the team at-large and encourage/motivate us to perform our best,” posted one employee.

Another stated, “Communication is excellent! I am asked to participate in any meeting or event that can help my growth and knowledge of the company.”

Previously, EnsembleIQ was honored by Comparably as a Best Place to Work in Chicago.

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