Finishing Touch Flawless brings spa experience home

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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Finishing Touch Flawless is aiming to make a spa-like experience easily accessible.

To do that, the brand is unveiling a new collection of products that aim to help users obtain professional style manicures and pedicures, as well as provide massages to the body and facial cleansing devices.

New launches include:

  • Flawless Cleanse, which is a cleansing tool that contains more than 1,000 silicone fingers and four modes of cleansing vibration and massage. It also aids in deep cleansing the skin and can be used alongside facial soaps, serums and anti-aging creams;
  • Flawless Cleanse Spa, which is a full body cleanser, exfoliator and massager. Featuring an extended handle for those hard to reach areas, it also contains three individual heads for customization;
  • Flawless Salon Nails, which features six heads to provide such benefits as shaping, filing, grinding smoothing, shine, buffing, nail clean and cuticle clean up. Designed with precision control, the device has a forward and reverse motor, as well as lo and hi-speeds to aid in perfecting manicures; and
  • Flawless Pedi, which is a callous-remover and skin buffing tool. When turned on its side, it aids in making gentle sweeping motions to aid in smoothing out the skin.

“We want women to have tools that provide a daily spa-like experience in the comfort and safety of their home,” Hayley Parisi, Finishing Touch Flawless brand manager, said. “The Fab Four are all ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in the hand and allow users to enjoy a self-indulgence luxury that is both affordable and effective.”

Currently, Flawless Beauty’s Fab Four spa products are available for purchase at