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Focus On: No Fade Fresh delivers convenient, clean hair color

Timing may be everything for the people who run No Fade Fresh. 

The Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based company unveiled a 15-SKU line of what company officials call clean hair color products in February, just weeks before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shut down of the economy that prevented many women from getting their hair colored for months.

The result was a huge rise in demand for home-based coloring products and, as No Fade Fresh’s founder and CEO Leland Hirsch pointed out, an opening for his new products to get on store shelves.

“Consumers really did not have much of an alternative since salons were closed, and they still wanted to color their hair and keep it fresh,” said Hirsch, a lifelong veteran of the health and beauty categories. “We knew right away that we had an opportunity to help them keep their hair looking the color they wanted it to.”

No Fade Fresh has its roots in a Hirsch’s professional line of hair coloring products. He developed the Celeb Luxury banner nearly 20 years ago, which is now available in 30 countries. “We saw an opportunity to expand into mass with a new type of product that enhances other hair coloring products on the market,” he said. 

The No Fade Fresh line of shampoos and conditioners consists of natural colors (browns, blondes, reds), pastels and vivids (silvers, pinks, purples and blues) that correct, maintain, refresh and create color in the shower, Hirsch said. They are priced at $14.99 each. 

“Since salons have been closed, customers are looking for salon-quality, high-deposit semipermanent shampoo and conditioner color maintenance on the retail shelf. Our products can be used as an add-on to box hair color, and can also extend color between salon visits,” he said. “All products have BondHeal, our built-in bond rebuilder technology that strengthens and repairs the hair from the inside out, plus a stand-alone BondHeal product.”

To draw consumer interest in store, Hirsch said the company developed the first “smart color smart bottle, with color swatches on the front at the point of purchase. The directions on the back label provide a very precise salon color consultation,” he said. “The label folds open, showing a video on how the product is used. The QR code allows for changing videos and messaging to continuously share product knowledge. We want to extend the consumer’s hair color investment.”

The company uses plant-based, healthy ingredients that do not harm the consumer. “Our products, other than not being harsh chemically based, actually contain bond rebuilder that improves the health of the user’s hair,” he said. 

We believe in being vegan. We believe in having a cruelty-free product. And, we believe that the consumer is going to begin insisting on these factors when they make purchase decisions.
Leland Hirsch, founder and CEO of No Fade Fresh.

Right now, Hirsch is focused on spreading the word. He said that No Fade Fresh already is in about 4,000 stores at several major retailers, and a few other large chains are on the verge of bringing the product in. “We are just getting the word out about our products and what they can do,” he said. “There is a lot of interest in our line right now.”

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