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Fresh unveils Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum

Tea Elixir Serum can be used daily, morning and night, as part of the Fresh Treatment Routine.

Fresh is unveiling Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum.

The company shared that by extracting the power of an adaptive tea plant and applying it to skin, Tea Elixir Serum is scientifically proven to boost skin’s resilience and resistance to life stressors that lead to signs of aging. The result is smooth skin with minimized lines, a visible glow and more bounce ... in other words, your best skin yet, the company said.

Everyday life stressors, like lack of sleep, poor diet and stress, can slow down the skin’s bioenergetic systems, causing it to be less resilient. This leads to fine lines and wrinkles, rough texture, dullness, enlarged pores and loss of elasticity. In fact, these stressors can be responsible for up to 90% of visible signs of aging. Much like a coiled spring, which can absorb shock under pressure and return to its original shape, resilient skin can adapt and protect itself when faced with these life stressors and still function at its full potential, the company said.

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The company recounted the story of the serum, stating that it begins on the remote island of Mauritius, known as “the pearl of the Indian Ocean.” Here, a plant has adapted its genetic expression to the island’s adverse growing conditions for tea — volcanic soil, tropical climate and low altitude — for over a century. The tea plant not only survived but thrived, producing adaptive phytocompounds that are proven to be 2.65 times more concentrated than ordinary tea.

Scientists at the Fresh Research Lab discovered a way to capture the Mauritius tea plant’s resilient properties for Fresh’s revolutionary Adaptive Phytocompound Tea Technology, an exclusive ingredient concentrated in citrate and polyphenols that works to increase skin’s bioenergetic systems and  deliver antioxidant protection. An extraction process informed by 30 years of plant genetics research breaks down the tea leaves cells’ membranes and filtrates the low molecular weight compounds to produce the final exclusive ingredient: APT Technology. 

Along with this powerful tea sourced from the Bois Cheri farm on Mauritius, Tea Elixir Serum is enriched with niacinamide to refine the look of pores, 5kDA hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and minimize visible lines, ceramide III to strengthen the skin’s barrier and ocean kelp to improve skin’s texture. With these power ingredients working together, Tea Elixir Serum boosts skin’s visible resilience by +62%. What does that look like? Forty-one percent reduced look of fine lines and wrinkles, 75% smoother texture and visible glow, and 58% more bounce, the company said.

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Tea Elixir Serum can be used daily, morning and night as part of the Fresh Treatment Routine. After cleansing with Soy Face Cleanser and treating with Kombucha Essence, dispense about six drops into your hand and press onto the skin and neck to activate. Follow with your chosen eye care and moisturizer.

For 15 years I’ve immersed myself in the world of tea, researching this ‘immortal health elixir’ to untap its potential. This obsession led to the discovery of an adaptive tea plant growing in unlikely conditions on the island of Mauritius,” said Lev Glazman, Fresh co-founder.

With a patented extraction process, we're able to extract its adaptive phytocompounds for our exclusive APT Technology," Glazman said. "Tea Elixir Serum captures the resilient power of this plant in a modern, silky texture with a scent that evokes the air and the ocean.”

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Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum 50 ml, $110, is available at Fresh shops and on, Sephora, on, Ulta and on

The 30 ml serum, which retails for $80, is available at Fresh shops, on, Sephora, on, Ulta and on

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