Garden of Life aims to support health concerns with beet-infused line

Garden of Life’s Beets Supplement line is designed to help consumers with antiaging, liver function and heart health, the brand said.
garden of life beet supplements

Garden of Life is expanding its product line with brand-new supplements.

The Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.-based company is introducing its new Beet Supplements, which are formulated to help consumers with antiaging, liver function and heart health, the brand said.

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“Garden of Life’s mission has always been to empower extraordinary health, and it was clear to us that not enough people were tapping into the extraordinary health benefits of beets,” Brian Ray, president of Garden of Life, said. “These new beet supplements are full of wholesome, organic ingredients that most Americans are missing out on every day, and they're available in formats that make getting in your daily dose of beets even easier.”

Beets, which are known to help the body deliver oxygen and carry nutrients to the cells more efficiently, have only been eaten by 30% of Americans in the last month and 43% of Americans avoid beets citing they do not like the taste or texture, the company said.

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To address some of those issues, Garden of Life is debuting four beet-based supplements, including:

  • Beets Detox with Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Powder, which contains such organic and non-GMO ingredients as black currants imported from New Zealand, acerola fruit juice, ginger, lemon juice, tart cherry and lemon peel extract that support the body’s natural detoxifying system;
  • Beets Beauty Powder, designed to help promote radiant skin, healthy hair and stronger nails, features a blackberry melon flavor. It is made with organic French melon, black currant and acerola cherry;
  • Beets Gummies supplements, produced with organic tart cherries, black currants, beets and plant-based vitamin D3, aims to aid in preventing muscle soreness and promote heart health and energy production; and
  • Beets Gummies Beauty with a raspberry flavor, made with organic bamboo silica, non-GMO biotin, organic acerola cherry and vitamin C to aid in the promotion of healthy and youthful-looking skin.

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