GNC exclusively launches Pre Jym X pre-workout

Pre Jym X is available in Rise ‘n Grind, Shockwave and Tiger’s Blood varieties.
pre gym x preworkout

Pre Jym pre-workout, which originally hit the market in 2013, is expanding its availability.

The company, which features a science-backed formula that aids in taking workouts to the next level by maximizing exercise performance, muscle pumps and energy, launched its Pre Jym X product at GNC.

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“We are excited to welcome Pre Jym X to GNC’s portfolio of exclusive products,” said Kevin Maloberti, vice president, merchandising at GNC. “Our goal at GNC is to deliver cutting-edge products with scientifically proven ingredients and formulas to help our customers Live Well. JYM has a proven history and a cult following for a reason and we are certain consumers will reap the benefits of this powerhouse pre-workout.”

Featuring 10 g of additional actives, Pre Jym X contains a full 30.3 g of actives, as well as betaine nitrate, citrulline nitrate and pine bark extract for improved muscle pumps; methylliberine from Dynamite, theanine and theacrine for nootropic benefits; approximately 6 g of BCAAs per scoop; and increased doses of creatine HCl, beta alanine, apha gpc and citrulline malate, the company said.

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“Our partnership with GNC is invaluable to us as innovators and product creators,” said Jim Stoppani. “They embrace our vision for the future of wellness and enable us to chase new endeavors in the pre-workout space. We're excited for GNC shoppers to try Pre Jym X and add to their workout routines.”

Available in Rise ‘n Grind (orange), Shockwave (sweet and tart candy) and Tiger’s Blood (coconut, watermelon and strawberry) flavors, Pre Jym X can be found at GNC and online at

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