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GNC focuses on mental wellness support with supplement launches

The latest launches include Preventive Nutrition Sleep Support, Stress Relief and Focus & Memory.
gnc preventative nutrition
gnc preventative nutrition

GNC is focusing on helping consumers find solutions for their well-being with the launch of new products designed to aid consumers’ healthy state of mind support.

The latest launches from the company include Preventive Nutrition Sleep Support, Stress Relief and Focus & Memory. In addition, GNC has also released Beyond Raw Neuro Surge as part of its new offerings.

“At GNC our mission is to help consumers live a full life, and mental wellness is a part of whole-body wellness,” said Kevin Maloberti, vice president of merchandising at GNC. “We heard our consumers loud and clear: they are looking for ways to stress less, sleep better, improve focus, and boost mood. With the launch of three new Preventive Nutrition products as well as the introduction of Neuro Surge within our Beyond Raw portfolio, we’re excited to deliver products that support cognitive function and a healthy state of mind in for everyday life.”

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gnc neuro surge
gnc neuro surge

According to the company, the benefits of the new product launches include the following:

  • Preventive Nutrition Focus & Memory: The supplement looks to help solve tasks without caffeine and is designed to help enhance focus, cognition and working memory;
  • Preventive Nutrition Stress Relief: Formulated to help balance mood, enhance relaxation and better manage stress, the supplements also aim to increase a sense of calm;
  • Preventive Nutrition Sleep Support: Created to promote quality sleep to help consumers wake up refreshed and rested, it does not contain melatonin; and
  • Beyond Raw Neuro Surge: Made with a formula that includes immediate and targeted-release caffeine and zynamite, a mango leaf extract that works to help boost cognitive performance.

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All of the new launches are currently available for purchase at GNC stores and online at

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