Happy Family Organics debuts Happy Baby Made Simple mixes

Happy Baby Made Simple Mixes, made with whole grains, are available in pancake and waffle mix and apple carrot and cinnamon muffin mix varieties.

Happy Family Organics’ product line is expanding.

The company recently shared news of its latest launch — Happy Baby Made Simple mixes for baking.

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Made with such ingredients as whole grains, iron and no added sugar, the line was designed to help with brain development, the company said.

Available in two options — pancake and waffle mix, and apple carrot and cinnamon muffin mix — the products can be prepped in five minutes or less and are easy to cook.

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“As a mom of three, I know how challenging it can be to make a quick but nutritious breakfast for little ones amidst the morning chaos. My youngest daughter, Emmy, is now 12 months old, and it’s been so helpful to have Happy Baby Made Simple Mixes on hand while she learns how to self-feed. I can quickly whip up a yummy, no-fuss breakfast for her that she loves, and I feel good about feeding her,” said Anne Laraway, CEO of Happy Family Organics. “Made Simple Mixes also offer a great way to incorporate fruits and veggies into waffles, pancakes and muffins, either as a dip or within the mix — and Emmy still gobbles them right up!”

Consumers can currently find Happy Baby Made Simple Mixes online at, as well as at Target, Meijer, Hannaford and Wegmans.