Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix features vibrant, fruity flavors

Flavors part of the Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix include rainbow sherbet, blue Hawaii and blue raspberry.
hi-chew fantasy mix

Hi-Chew is adding three new vibrant and fruity flavors to its line of chewy candies.

New from the Irvine, Calif.-based company is the Fantasy Mix, which features the newly launched rainbow sherbet, blue Hawaii and blue raspberry flavors.

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Available in whimsically designed, colorful packaging, the chewy candies were designed to stand out against its traditional fruit-forward flavors and combinations, the company said.

“The new Fantasy Mix and its unique blend of flavors is a dream come true for our brand fans,” Teruhiro Kawabe (Terry), president and chief executive officer of Morinaga America, said.  “We’ve taken our innovation to the next level with these flavor profiles, expanding beyond our fruit-forward offerings to provide a product that will truly stand out at retail. We’re excited for consumers to get to experience Fantasy Mix.”

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Flavors featured in the rainbow sherbet flavor include raspberry, lime and orange. In blue Hawaii, consumers can find notes of sweet citrus and hints of pineapple. Lastly, in blue raspberry, the flavors are true-to-profile, the company said.

Made with concentrated fruit juices, natural and artificial flavors, the chewy candies are made without the use of colors from synthetic sources.

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Hi-Chew Fantast Mix is currently available for purchase at 7-Eleven and Speedway locations nationwide, with distribution set to expand later this year.

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