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Hum by Colgate looks to help improve brushing skills


Colgate-Palmolive’s offerings are expanding.

New to the company’s portfolio is hum by Colgate, a smart electric toothbrush that looks to help users brush better and build healthier habits without having to sacrifice fun or functionality.

Featuring smart sensors that look to simplify tracking the frequency, duration and coverage of users’ unique brushing styles, the product also looks to provide personalized guidance in helping target areas that need extra attention, the company said.

“Hum by Colgate was designed with the consumer in mind to create a more accessible smart electric toothbrush to help more people brush better,” the vice president of marketing North America, Bill van de Graaf said. “Hum also meets the consumer demand for a lightweight and sleek toothbrush that delivers a powerful clean. For consumers, good habits are key to staying happy and healthy, and they prefer brands that help them build those habits in easy and fun ways.”

Built to fit into people’s busy lifestyles, hum by Colgate also contains user-friendly technology with offline brushing that allows the brush to store data for 10 days, so users do not have to constantly bring their smartphones into the bathroom.

In addition, hum by Colgate is looking to reward users for their brushing routine by allowing them to earn smile points on the brush’s app, which can be used to purchase any product in the app shop.

“I love how hum by Colgate offers personalized guided brushing programs, so it feels like you have your own dentist coaching you through brushing techniques every morning and night,” Lewis Chen, managing partner and dentist said. “Colgate is a brand I trust will give my patients healthy, clean smiles every day. Being able to track and adapt to your brushing style is an enormous benefit to help achieve better oral hygiene.”

Hum by Colgate is available in a rechargeable toothbrush option that retails for $69.99 or a battery-powered option that retails for $49.99. Available in blue, teal and purple colors, consumers can find the products online at Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond and It will launch at other select retailers beginning in September.

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