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iBeauty Brands acquires Voloom

The company recently announced its acquisition of Voloom, a brand known best for its patented hair volumizing iron.

iBeauty Brands, the parent company of Sutra Beauty, Soleil and Infini, among others, is adding a new brand to its portfolio. 

The company recently announced its acquisition of Voloom, known best for its patented hair volumizing iron. 

News of the acquisition comes on the heels of iBeauty having served as a manufacturing partner for Voloom for more than five years. 

“This acquisition is a step forward in iBeauty Brands offering the highest quality, advanced technology and unique products to market,” Liam Ben-David, owner of iBeauty Brands said. “The Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron offers the hair industry a one-of-a-kind styling tool that is the first of its kind. We look forward to a smooth transition and the excitement we have in re-launching Voloom under the iBeauty Brands umbrella.”

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Currently, Voloom holes utility patents across the United States, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, China, Germany, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, India, Indonesia, France and Ireland for its product. 

“As the inventor of the Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron, and a brand new category of hair tools, it was important for me to find the right home for the brand,” Patricia Lund, founder of Voloom said. “I'm so proud to now turn Voloom over to iBeauty Brands, which will accelerate its growth, take it into new markets, and fulfill its potential worldwide. Now more women everywhere will be able to enjoy the confidence of great hair days with Voloom!”

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