Loops bring self-care masks to Target shelves

Drug Store News spoke to Meg Bedford, CEO of Loops, about its retail partnership with Target and what it means for the future of the brand.
Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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Loops is about to become accessible to an even wider range of consumers.

The beauty brand, known best for its clean masks, hit the shelves of more than 1,500 Target stores and online on Feb. 5.

Drug Store News spoke to CEO Meg Bedford about the partnership and what it means for the future of the brand.

DSN: How did the partnership with Target come to fruition?
Meg Bedford: We conducted a survey among our most engaged customers last year, and the results made it very clear that our customers wanted to be able to buy our masks at their favorite retailers like Ulta and Target, and we were determined to make it happen for them. We’re extremely excited to be launching on and in over 1500 retail locations nationwide. 

DSN: Following previous partnership with Ulta Beauty and Nordstrom, how has Loops’ trajectory from online only to major retailers changed within the last year?
MB: An omnichannel strategy is key for Loops, as a brand. The product was created and designed to live at both physical retail locations, as well as online. We know our consumer is shopping on our DTC site and across our distribution network — so it's crucial we’re available where the customer is looking for us. When we partner with these retailers, it helps build greater brand awareness and makes it easier for our customers to quickly purchase masks for those impromptu moments. The brand overall has seen tremendous growth on its DTC website, as well as its retail partners, and Ulta is no exception.

DSN: How has the brand grown and continued to innovate the skin care category within the last year?
MB: LOOPS has seen incredible growth in the past year, from launching in Ulta Beauty and now Target, to welcoming our new Creative Director + Partner, Camila Mendes, and launching 2 entirely brand new masks, Dream Sleep and Hyper Smooth. 

DSN: Does LOOPS plan to roll out any exclusive items at Target in the future?
MB: It is in the works…Loops was built on moments, so we’ll plan to create some excitement around key moments throughout the year. Stay tuned…

DSN: What new launches does the brand have planned for the next year?
MB: This year, we’re excited to continue providing our consumers with innovative skincare solutions and masks for every moment. We just launched our newest mask, Dream Sleep, the world’s first hydrogel slugging mask, and we’re eager to continue adding more SKUs to our product assortment, with the goal of a new launch every quarter. We are also working some exciting product expansions, as well as continuing to build on our commitment to sustainability.