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L’Oréal Paris’ revamped foundation helps users find their True Match

DSN spoke to Balanda Atis, L’Oréal Paris’ AVP of scientific communications, to discuss L’Oréal Paris’ True Match Super Blendable Foundation reformulation.

L’Oréal Paris’ True Match Super Blendable Foundation may have launched 20 years ago, but the cosmetic product has recently undergone a reformulation that not only brings undertone shade matching to the foundation category but also now is vegan and formulated without alcohols or fragrance. 

DSN spoke to Balanda Atis, L’Oréal Paris’ AVP of scientific communications to discuss the reformulation and how one can best identify their undertone for a True Match. 

L’Oréal Paris’ True Match Super Blendable Foundation

DSN: How much time was spent trying to find the right combination of pigments to ensure consumers could find their true match?
Balanda Atis: Finding the pigments that best match skin tones is something that we’ve spent many years researching. One of our studies that lead to the incorporation of Ultramarine blue for deeper tones was initiated in 2007. From that study we continue conducting studies to understand the changing needed for our consumers.

DSN: What was the process of trying to find the right pigments like?
BA: There were many different steps to find the right pigments from working with our department that helps to identify the right ingredients to measuring skin tones then to creating shades. There are many pieces to our amazing puzzle to create True Match, but it all comes back to the science.

DSN: Aside from the addition of the new pigments, what other difference in formulation does this revamped foundation have as opposed to its previous formula?
BA: The beloved formula contains 80% moisturizing cream + Hyaluronic Acid but is now vegan and is formulated without alcohols or fragrance.

DSN: For those unsure how to find their undertone, what are the best ways to identify it?
BA: I typically look at my inner wrist at my veins. If I see green veins, I typically will say that I have warm undertones. If I see blue veins, it usually is an indication of cooler undertones. If it isn’t clear what color I see, it can be that you are neutral.

DSN: Are there plans for L’Oréal to revamp any of its other foundation or concealer products with additional pigments?
BA: We consistently look at our ranges to make sure that our shades meet the needs of all consumers. As we continue our research, we will add new shades or colorants when and where they are needed.

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