Mindy McKnight, Maesa Group debut Hairitage by Mindy McKnight

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Mindy McKnight, Maesa Group debut Hairitage by Mindy McKnight

By Gisselle Gaitan - 01/17/2020

There’s a new hair care line looking to shake things up in the category.

Mindy McKnight, known for her Cute Girls Hairstyles channel on YouTube, has partnered with Maesa Group to launch Hairitage by Mindy McKnight.

Created with the purpose of encompassing the needs of every hair and texture type, the brand is inclusive of everyone and every family, the company said.

Consisting of 16 SKUs that are color coded by category — yellow for cleanse, orange for condition, green for hydration, pink for restoration and purple for style —each can be found exclusively at Walmart.

Featured products in the collection include:

  • Double Down Conditioning Wash Shampoo, which contains a formula that nourishes the scalp and strands while also cleansing away impurities, and retails for $7.49;
  • Outta My Hair Gentle Daily Shampoo, which cleanses hair of impurities and excess oils without stripping it, is safe for everyday use, and retails for $7.49;
  • Held High Volume Conditioner, which provides lightweight body and root lift, nourishes and detangles hair, is ideal for straight or fine hair that needs a boost, and retails for $7.49;
  • Tame the Mane Smoothing Conditioner, which aims to provide smoothness, hydration and shine to frizzy hair. It also detangles, fights and prevents frizz, and retails for $7.49;
  • S.O.S Deep Moisture + Restore Conditioner, which is ideal for thick, curly or coily hair. It provides hydration, volume and rejuvenation to weak or damaged strands, and retails for $7.49;
  • Light As A Feather Leave-In Conditioner, which conditions without weighing down finer strands, gently detangles and fortifies hair, reduces breakage, and retails for $7.49;
  • Strength Training Leave-In Conditioner Pudding, which is formulated for thick, curly or coily hair. It aims to restore, soften and detangle hair while also controlling frizz, and retailing for $7.49;
  • An Apple A Day ACV Hair Rinse, which is a tonic that aims to leave hair shiny, while also cleansing the scalp and conditioning hair without stripping away natural oils. It is ideal for all hair types and retails for $7.49;
  • Take Your Vitamins Argan Oil, which contains a lightweight formula that is ideal for conditioning, styling and finishing up hair, and retails for $7.49;
  • Mask-Querade Transforming Hair Mask, which is a 5-in-1 treatment, restores and rejuvenates dehydrated and damaged hair, improves hair texture and shine, locks in moisture, hides split ends, fights frizz, and retails for $7.49;
  • Wiggle Room Flexible Hold Hairspray, which contains a buildable formula, and leaves curls voluminous and touchable. It also helps straight styles get a hold on frizz and retails for $7.49;
  • Lazy Day Dry Shampoo, which features a translucent formula that refreshes hair on days it wants to be stretched to the next wash. It soaks up excess oils that weigh down hair and retails for $7.49;
  • Magic Dust Texturizing Powder, which instantly adds volume and texture to hair. It contains a weightless, odorless and colorless formula that retails for $7.49;
  • Ahead Of The Curl! Curl Crème, which provides definition and control. It also helps maintain movement, touchability, and bounce and retails for $7.49;
  • To The Max Maximum Hold Styling Gel, which is ideal for structured looks. It helps eliminate frizz, flakes and tack while maximizing style and retailing for $7.49; and
  • Fixed On You Edge Control, which contains a non-flaky, non-sticky formula that stays where its put. It leaves hair sleek and retails for $7.49.