Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day adds new Probiotic Cleaners

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Probiotic Cleaners, available in lavender and lemon verbena scents, are inspired by the power of probiotics found in nature.
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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Probiotic Cleaners

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is changing the way consumers approach household cleaning with its new Probiotic Cleaners line.

Inspired by the power of probiotics found in nature, the new line helps provide a deep clean via probiotic micro-helpers that are tailor-made to tackle dirt and grime, the San Francisco-based company said.

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“The launch of Mrs. Meyer’s Probiotics continues our history of bringing new and delightful cleaning and care solutions that are thoughtfully crafted with you and your home in mind,” said Pam Helms, executive director of global research and development at SC Johnson. “We always strive to create the best solutions that combine uncompromising efficacy with garden-inspired scents, a tradition we are continuing with the launch of Probiotic Cleaners in our consumers’ favorite fragrances.”

Available in lavender and lemon verbena scents, the Probiotic Cleaners line includes:

  • Probiotic Multi-Surface Cleaner: Made with probiotics that are ready to work for up to seven days, it helps remove dirt and grime in deep cracks and crevices;
  • Probiotic Multi-Surface Concentrate: A concentrated all-purpose cleanser that can be diluted and used throughout the home on floors, sinks, faucets, backsplashes, range hoods and dingy corners;
  • Probiotic Drain Cleaner: A preventive product that gives drains and garbage disposals a boost of freshness; and
  • Probiotic Daily Shower Cleaner: Featuring micro-helpers that self-activate and continuously work to break down stubborn soap scum and grime to rinse away in the shower.

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The probiotic micro-helpers utilize enzymes to naturally break down soils and stains within the home. After cleaning, the probiotics settle onto surface nooks and crannies and also keep working when they come into contact with dirt and grime by continuing to clean microscopically, the company said.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Probiotic Cleaners are available online and at Meijer locations. The line will launch at Grove Collaborative in mid-July.