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Natrol expands mood, stress portfolio alongside Quick Balance Mints

Natrol’s Quick Balance Mints aim to relieve occasional stress or a boost of energy when needed, per the brand.
natrol quick balance mints
natrol quick balance mints

Natrol’s product offerings are expanding with the launch of a new line—Quick Balance Mints. 

The product, which is available in three formulas, begins working in as little as 30 minutes and aims to relieve occasional stress or a boost of energy when needed, the company said. 

“Life happens, and when those unpredictable situations come out of left field, it can take a toll on our mental wellness, including mood and energy,” said Gheisa Cruz, vice president of marketing and innovations at Natrol. “Quick Balance Mints are designed to help alleviate these unanticipated events with the goal of aiding users to get back to living their lives more presently. And because quick support is just as important as recovering discreetly, Quick Balance Mints provide an added element of privacy and ease, so you can jump back into the moment without anyone missing a beat.”

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The full lineup of products includes: 

  • Calm: Sourced with Zembrin, a botanical supplement that aims to help relieve occasional stress, can help support concentration, cognitive flexibility, function and multi-tasking support; 
  • Energy: This product contains caffeine sourced from green tea and comes in a lemon green tea flavor; and 
  • Happy: Designed to help support healthy stress responses, it is made with saffron, can aid in improving irritability and is offered in an orange mango flavor. 

“At the core of holistic health is mental wellbeing. Giving space to our mental health is integral to living overall happier, healthier and more present lives,” Cruz added. “Natrol’s Quick Balance Mints are there to support us through life’s unplanned moments, whether it’s helping to give back energy, alleviate feelings of occasional stress or simply giving ourselves a boost throughout life’s daily challenges.”

Natrol’s Quick Balance Mints are non-GMO, sugar-free and come in a 30-ct. package. The products are available for purchase on Amazon and at Target. 

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